Vaidya Nand Ram Gigraj Chamria Blog Latest Products Fri, 12 Jul 2024 20:58:26 +0530 en-us What are Appetizer Pills and How Do They Work? Mon, 02 Sep 2019 13:31:41 +0530 People suffer from various digestion problem and appetite problems from ancient times. However, today, it has increased due to lifestyle changes. Eventually, doctors have made and prescribed many medicines to gain control upon these problems. In India, the physicians used to give herbs which had the ability or suppress these problems. From ancient time to modern time, people still suffer from indigestion, gastric problems, and appetite problems. These days, there are many types and flavours of appetizer pills available in stores.   The Appetizer pill suppliers in Delhi pack these appetizer pills very safely with all types of packaging materials so that these pills do not get destroyed. These appetizer pills are available in plastic bottles, sachets, glass bottles, and as tablets. These tablets are not only found in India but the whole world.   These pills have effectively worked to tend to all the problems of people all around the world. These pills will help you gain weight and also lose weight. All the pills differ and have their functions.   What are Appetizer Pills? The appetizer pills are mainly used as appetizer stimulant. These appetizer pills are primarily used in various types. They can be used as a gas controller, digestive ailment, and to increase your appetite. The appetizer pills are made with natural ingredients, and no chemicals are used.   The manufacturing process is under control and very hygienic. People all around the world take this appetizer pills to calm their digestive tract. These appetizer pills also help to stimulate your taste buds. You can consume these pills after or before your meal.   These pills will be useful both the times. Sometimes doctors also recommend these pills. The Appetizer pill suppliers in Delhi supply these pills to every part of the country.   How are the appetizer pills useful?  The appetizer pills have a lot of qualities which are helpful for human beings. The appetizer pills are very beneficial. They are as follows: These oils help in control your digestion and make your digestive tract in good condition. You can have these pills after mills; they help to control gas in your body. They help to absorb a part of the fat in your body and helps in clearing your digestive tract. They help to absorb a part of the fat in your body and helps in clearing your digestive tract, These appetizer pills also help to build up your taste buds build up your appetite. These pills also help you if you are suffering from constipation. These pills will help you gain weight too. How to choose the correct appetizer pill? There are many ways to choose the correct appetizer pills. They are as follows: You can take a doctor prescribed appetizer pills. You can find them in any nearest chemist store or medicine store. You can find these pills in any Ayurveda store also. They keep these pills, and the pills are very delicious. Before buying the pills, you should check the manufacture date and expiry date. Before purchasing the medicines, you should check if the seal of the bottle or the package is broken or not. If broken or damaged do not take that product. There are many types, and flavours of appetizer pills are available, you should check and choose the suitable ones for yourself. You can do thorough research on the internet and know about all the appetizer pills before buying them from the store. All these appetizer pills are very beneficial for the human body. The human very quickly falls ill, and the maximum reason is due to the digestion problem of appetite problem.  Thus these pills will help control all of the issues related to the digestive tract, digestion, and appetite of the body. Before buying these pills, you should keep in mind all the tips above and buy the best appetizer pills for yourself. Homemade Tonics and Spices According to Ayurveda that Help with Digestion Mon, 18 Nov 2019 17:53:52 +0530 When you are eating something unsuitable or overeat, your stomach would ultimately let you know that. You should always take care of your stomach so that it would be able to digest the food perfectly and not cause any problem for you.   You should eat right and provide your body with the right nutrients and keep the digestive part good, which is also known as Agni. Digestion plays a great role when it comes to your good health and also well-being. The process of digestion does not stop just with providing nutrition for the body.   You would see that several people are resorting to various routines and diets to ensure a healthier life. But ayurvedic says that you could do that just with the everyday spices and common ingredients that you have at home. With ayurvedic digestive churna suppliers in Delhi, you would be able to achieve the right stomach digestive power and also eat the right food.   Swallowing food rather than chewing could cause you a lot of harm, and here are a few things or spices that you could go for when you are thinking about changing to a healthier lifestyle and are looking for a home-style remedy for your digestive problems.   Cumin: This is most commonly known as jeera, and the seeds are most of the time, something that you would find in every Indian household. It would bring relief to your digestive system and would help you with situations like bloating and gas and others. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, and thus, if you are suffering from stomach pain or any kind of discomfort, it would give you relief. Turmeric: Almost in every Indian dish, you would find a little sprinkle of turmeric. It is not just to lend colour, but it also has healing properties, which are very much helpful and beneficial for you. Turmeric is also an anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial as well. As an anti-inflammatory spice, it truly is a marvellous option. Thus most of the companies use turmeric with their ayurvedic digestive powder to ensure that they can provide great results with the products. Ginger: This also has a great warming and digestive property that you should go for if you are facing problems with your digestive tract. It has pain-relieving properties and helps with the boosting of the immunity, and therefore, people would advice you to go for ginger tea when you have a cold or cough. Cardamom: With its strong aroma, it helps in activating the secretion of enzymes that are effective for digestion, and you could consume them after you have had a heavy meal. It helps with all your stomach problems, including pain, gas, and indigestion. With ayurvedic digestive churna suppliers in Delhi, you would be getting the best quality ayurvedic remedy for all your digestive problems.   Ayurvedic churana can help you greatly….   Ayurveda says that if you are suffering from digestive problems, you could very easily go for hot water and ghee and salt. Ghee helps in lubricating the insides of your intestine, and the salt would play a great role in removing the bacteria from the stomach.   Also, if you are feeling bloated, then you could very easily go for warm water and fennel seeds, or you could also go for a drop of honey with ginger. If you have acid reflux, you could go for fennel seeds and basil, and it would do the trick.   Thus these are some of the ways by which you would be ensuring that you are getting the right help when you are suffering from ingestion and also stomach pain, bloating, and digestive related problems. How to Get Best Quality Munakka Pachak Direct from Suppliers in Delhi Mon, 24 Feb 2020 12:54:04 +0530 Munakka is a very important dry fruit in nature. It has got many therapeutic properties and is effective as an energy vitalizer also. Enriched with lime juice and natural goodness of other aromatic spices, Munnaka Pachak gives you relief from constipation and smoothens your bowl system thoroughly. It also improves your hunger.   From an Ayurvedic perspective, munakka is primarily utilized in deriving medicinal concoctions or medicated alcohol. Ayurveda uses munakka as it has Indian origins.   Ingredients of Munakka Pachak It is prepared using various ingredients like Punica nigram, ilayachi, peepal, dhania, anardana, jeera, piperlongum fruit, coriandrum sativum, saccharum, officinarum, and others.   Health benefits of eating munakka Eating munakka has many health benefits. Munakka helps with good health because it doesn\'t prompt acidity or gastric related problems. It is excellent for boosting your haemoglobin. Few pieces of munakka are often soaked in water overnight and consumed on an empty stomach to spice up iron levels. Those who are chronically anaemic may benefit an excellent deal by consuming munakka with a glass of boiled milk in the dark before sleeping.   If you don’t like the raw taste then Munakka pachak is a great option. This is easily available in the market due to numerous munakka pachak suppliers in Delhi.   Soaking the munakka is necessary. The dried munakka items exaggerate your Vata dosha and should endorse wind production and gastric issues.   A good option for Diabetic patient According to health experts, diabetic patients should not use munakka in raw form without consulting the physician. It contains a huge quantity of natural sugars i.e. sucrose and glucose known to have a bad impact on diabetes patient.   But munakka pachak is the dried form of it which is devoid of extra sugar. It is also coated with a layer of salt and spices that not only give it extra taste but helps in digestion as well.   It is an upscale source of calcium and micro-nutrient boron that helps in strengthening bones and teeth. It also has ‘catechin’- an invaluable anti-oxidant and ‘Kaempferol’, a flavonoid which helps decrease the growth of cancerous colon tumours.   How to take it? Take four to five Munakka Pachak after lunch or dinner. You can also take it any time in the whole day. In case of constipation take it with lukewarm water and for fast result take it with warm milk before bedtime.   Where to get high-quality munakka pachak? Many munakka pachak suppliers in Delhi offer a quality product with tested ingredients. You can get it from the wholesale dealers who make available all varieties of munakka pachak on reasonable price and in bulk.   They can provide • Trusted varieties of ayurvedic medicines • Well-integrated warehouse • Set quality standards • Different parameters to check the quality • Knowledge and informed workforce   Tips to buy online from munakka pachak suppliers in Delhi • Visit online and review their website • Check customers’ reviews and rating • Ask for secure online payment • Enquire for a doorstep delivery • In the case of retail selling, find wholesale dealer • Compare prices and quality ingredients with others Understanding Indigestion, Its Symptoms, and Cures Wed, 13 May 2020 11:14:04 +0530 Indigestion is a common condition that many people suffer from. In this condition, there is severe discomfort on the upper abdomen. This condition is not a disease but discomfort that you can have after your stomach is very full. Every person has different levels of indigestion with various symptoms. There are different types of medicines available to cure this condition such as Patthar Hazam Churan, Digene, etc. The General Symptoms of Indigestion There are different ways in which you can diagnose indigestion. Some people may have one symptom, while others may have more than one symptom. One of the most common symptoms of indigestion is fullness before you have finished your meal. When your stomach is full even before you have your meal, then it is a sign of indigestion. You may also feel uncomfortable for a longer period of time or have discomfort in your upper abdomen.   Some people also have a burning sensation in the upper abdomen. Few people also experience bloating in the upper abdomen and have tightness around the chest. In the case of severe indigestion problems, you may also feel nauseated. What can Cause Indigestion in a Person? There are many reasons and causes due to which a person can suffer from indigestion. One of the common causes is overeating. People tend to overeat their favourite dish which leads to the condition. Some people also suffer from the condition when they eat fatty or oily food, smoking, drink too much caffeine, anxiety, etc. You may also suffer from this condition if you are consuming certain antibiotics or supplements.   The condition can lead to constipation, ulcers, gastritis, pancreatitis, gallstones, intestinal blockage, etc. Should you Visit a Doctor for the Condition? Indigestion can easily be cured by medication at home with medicines such as Patthar Hazam Churan and home remedies. The condition can persist for about two weeks. However, if you are eating right and taking the necessary precautions to avoid the condition to aggravate, then you do not need a doctor.   But if your condition still does not improve after two weeks, then you need to visit the doctor. You also need to visit a doctor if you are losing your appetite or weight. Do not ignore the condition if you are vomiting repeatedly or you have blood in your vomit. If you have trouble swallowing or have black tarry stools or are suffering from weakness and fatigue, then you should see a doctor immediately. Precaution and Cure for the Condition The first and foremost thing that you should do under this condition is to ensure that you should avoid eating greasy and spicy food. You should also ensure that you are not eating too much and avoid taking caffeine or alcohol. You can also take ayurvedic medicines such as Pattar Hazam Churan to help you in improving your digestion. However, it is best to avoid taking antibiotics for the condition without consulting a doctor.   Ayurvedic medicines can be taken without the consultation of a doctor as they are manufactured by using natural ingredients such as cumin, black pepper, piper rigrun, etc. Patthar Hazam Churan manufacturers use only natural ingredients that have no side effects. Ayurvedic Tip That Helps In Retaining Your Digestive Powers Sat, 21 Nov 2020 10:30:34 +0530 Whether it is overindulging in good food during Diwali or eating too much spicy food, Ayurveda says that indigestion could also be the basis of many diseases and for that, you should be aware. If your digestive system works fine, you will be able to avoid a lot many problems In Ayurveda, Agni (fire) has always been seen as a source of life. Fire is the sign or the keeper of good health and for all things related to good metabolism.   When you eat and what you eat could have a huge impact on you, it could nourish you, offer you strength. According to Ayurveda, harmful foods like too much fried food could prove to be destructive for you and can form harmful toxins. So, to keep up with good health, there is so many advice that has been passed down generations that help in maintaining and retaining good digestion power. Anardana churan suppliers in Delhi provide many Ayurveda golis are there that many consume nowadays.   Drink Hot Water, Salt and Ghee According to Ayurveda, salt would help in removing the bacteria and the ghee would help in lubricating the insides. Some would even say to have a banana with hot water two hours after dinner or you could also go for hot milk. A tablespoon of castor oil taken could also prove to be beneficial in offering relief.   Go For Fennel Seeds And Hot/Warm Water According to Ayurveda, when you take something with hot water, it immediately will offer relief. You could go for fennel seeds with warm water or even ginger with a drop of money. This also helps with cough and cold. If you wish not to boil some water, you could always chew some fennel seeds after dinner which helps with the reduction of bloating and gas.   Some even go for fennel seeds, basil leave and clove. Slowly chew which helps in increasing the saliva secretion which in turn helps in balancing the stomach acidity. Ayurveda states that buttermilk soothes the stomach, and help with digestion by reducing the irritation of the stomach.   Improve Posture This is something Ayurveda would emphasize a lot on. Bathroom postures and when sitting or standing could have an effect on your digestive health. Having anardana churan along with good posture is a beneficial way of maintaining digestion.   Sip On Ginger Tea In Ayurveda, ginger is considered a universal remedy and has several benefits for the body. It can relax the intestinal muscles; give you relief from cramping and gas and bloating. If you have tea twice a day, you could always chop some ginger and put them in it and drink. And, throughout the day you could easily drink hot water and add some ginger to it.   The healing traditions of Ayurveda show how nature has its own solutions and remedies when humans are suffering from digestive issues. When your digestive ability or Agni is strong, you have better digestive power and it is important to maintain that. Ayurveda not just helps with health; it helps with well-being and connecting of mind, body and soul. Karorpati Goli to Ensure Healthy Digestive System Mon, 23 Nov 2020 09:59:23 +0530 In today’s world, we are inclined towards adding myriad spices and flavors to all our different cuisines to make it delicious. While spices can instantly transform a bland dish into something lip-smacking, they can often leave individuals with severe digestive problems. And to deter these gaseous problems, people take the help of all the means to keep themselves protected.   Karorapati Goli is amongst those Ayurvedic candies that are enriched with all the important ingredients to offer a plethora of benefits to people suffering from chronic acidity and gas problems.   Why Are Karorpati Goli Popular? Ayurvedic digestive candies like the Karorpati Goli comprises of several products like Ajwain Pachak, which makes sure you are freed from all the possible intestinal problems. This Goli is made up of all the important ingredients that are known to boost the digestive power in the human body. There are several good Karorpati Goli suppliers in Delhi where you can purchase good-quality and effective Karorpati Goli. These Ayurvedic alternatives provide better digestion to everyone, irrespective of gender and age.   How Are Karorpati Goli Prepared? The Karorpati Goli is prepared with fresh pomegranate seeds, green fennel seeds, black salt, black peppercorns, a pinch of lemon juice, a few drops of honey, dried mango powder, etc. All of these ingredients are recognized for their great digestive benefits and for improving digestive ailments over time.   Benefits of Consuming Karorpati Goli • Karorpati Goli's benefits are huge and this is the reason why so many people choose them over all other medicines. Some of the major benefits are: • Provides instant relief to individuals and aids them with nausea, constipation, and flatulence. • Boosts the appetite in children as they often have a tendency of losing interest over food and refuse to eat anything that is served to them, which in turn leads to drastic effects upon their health. • It can enhance your level of energy and deter all digestive disorder symptoms. • The sweet and tangy taste of Karorpati Goli makes it delicious apart from being healthy.   Good Reviews Pouring in From People for Karorpati Goli Karorpati Goli online has the perfect proportionate fusion of organic herbs followed by spices which makes it easy for individuals to consume them, besides being health-friendly. The Karorpati Goli profits and its taste make it a preferred product by the people. All the individuals have posted good reviews to the Karorpati Goli which makes it equivalent to an essential product in the market.   Karorpati Goli: The Ideal Choice for People Karorpati Goli can be perfect for people suffering from gastritis, constipation, and flatulence problems. Using and consuming this Goli after eating your meal or simply when you are having acid reflux can dole out a good feeling.   Ensure to buy the best quality Karorpati Goli from the market and an authorized Karorpati Goli suppliers in India for best results. Get in touch with a physician, if your problems continue even after the consumption of all the Goli. Health benefits of Podina Churan to every person- Boon to Digestion! Sat, 02 Jan 2021 16:05:15 +0530 Podina, is also known as mint is very healthy and effective herbs used in various types of medicines and Indian cuisines as well. It is an aromatic, perennial and annual grown herb. It is available in huge quantity in India. This is the reason it is used in various forms by Indian. Some of the forms it is used as chutney, mouth freshener, candies, gums, and in powdered form as well.   Podina Churan The powdered form of mint with added spices and flavours is Podina Churan easily available in the market. Mint powder is used to make podina churan which is made by drying fresh mint leaves. The dried mint powder has a longer shelf life and is preferred than the fresh ones in various culinary uses. It is easy to store and can be used to make candies, churan, jellies, syrups, and ice creams.   How to store Podian Churan? It should be stored in an airtight container which should be placed in a cool, dark and dry place.   Health benefits of consuming mint powder or Podina Churan: Mint is good for boosting digestion powers. Hence, the mint powder helps improve the digestive system. Being appetite stimulant in nature, it helps in the secretion of gastric juices.   Medicinal uses of mint powder: Mint powder is used as a medicinal herb to treat stomach ache and chest pain caused due to acidity. Long years back, dried mint leaves were used to clean teeth. If you drink tea with mint powder in it then you will help your digestion to be improved. Also, it breaks down fat to treat obesity, indigestion, loss of appetite, and acidity   How do Podina Churan Manufacturers in Delhi make this healthy product? The podine churan manufacturers make this appetizer powder using fresh mint herbs leaves. These leaves are dried hygienically and 100% natural process. These dried leaves are then churned into powdered form to make podina churan. The mint powder is then mixed with certain digestion aiding spices and taste enhancer. There are quality controllers to ensure the podina churan is hygienically processed such that pure quality of podina churan is delivered in the market. They make sure the churan is packaged hygienically in spill-proof packaging.   Where to get them? Podina churan is easily available in the market. There are a few Podina Churan Manufacturers in Delhi who supply this essential product in bulk quantity online as well as at the local stores. They can provide other types of appetizer churan and digestive tablets There are also wholesale dealers of Podian Churan who can make available trusted quality pouches and packets on reasonable price in bulk. Their team members work diligently to deliver a complete range of appetizer churan in conformance with international standards. Their raw products are 100% approved and quality tested.   They can provide • Trusted varieties of appetizer churan at market leading price • Well-integrated warehouse to supply bulk orders • Set quality standards to meet the expectations • Different parameters to check the quality • Knowledge and informed workforce What Are The Benefits Of Ayurvedic Digestive Churna? Thu, 04 Feb 2021 14:22:54 +0530 The digestive churn is an Ayurvedic medicine which is used for treating the conditions which affect the normal functioning of the digestive and excretory system. This neutralizes the acid secretion in the gastrointestinal tract and also promotes the production of digestive enzymes which helps in the absorption of nutrients. This churna possesses a strong carminative, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that aid in curing imbalances related to pitta dosha. This is beneficial in treating digestive problems including constipation, Diarrhoea, heartburn, gastritis, ulcers and indigestion.   Health Benefits Of Digestive Churna   Cures Indigestion The digestive churna is an excellent Ayurvedic medicine which helps to treat problems that are related to indigestion. The powerful Churna stimulates the metabolism and controls the excess production of acids in the stomach. Conditions of excess acids in the stomach lead to the incomplete breakdown of food particles and also results in bloating and stomach cramps. The wonderful trait of the Digestive Churna in neutralizing the surplus peptic acids and maintaining healthy PH in the gastrointestinal tract prompts good gut health.   Treats Gastritis Gastritis is generally caused due to the inflammation of the intestinal lining that leads to abdominal pain, severe gut problems and burning sensation. The natural healing properties of the Churna clears out the acid from the intestine and boosts up the health of your gut and helps prevent further problems. Moreover, it has anti-inflammatory properties and hence effectively pacifies the aggravated and swollen gut tissue layers.   Prevents GERD The digestive Churna is strongly recommended for providing symptomatic relief from Gastroesophageal Reflux Disorder. This condition irritates the food pipe lining due to the backflow of stomach acid which results in throat pain, heartburn, chest pain and sour taste. Digestive churna works amazingly well in treating GERD, making sure that the unidirectional passage of food from the stomach in the intestine. Therefore it is efficiently relieving the pain and also reduces the uneasy feeling and instances of heartburn.   Kidney Health Evidence has proven that the Ayurvedic Digestive Churna lowers the risk of UTI and kidney problems by promoting the Kidney function. Adding to this, the digestive churna has shown positive outcome in eliminating kidney stone and it also hinders the oxalate deposition which helps to get rid of urine salts like calcium and oxalate. Adding to this the churna can also help treat nephritis by lowering inflammation of glomeruli, kidneys, tubules and interstitial tissue.   Fights Inflammation The strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of the digestive Churna helps fight the free radical damage and also reduces the inflammation which alleviates the swelling and pain. Particularly in those suffering from the difficulty in urinating due to the inflamed tissue and enlarged prostate, this churna intrinsic potential to reduce the symptoms of soreness and discomfort aids in regulating the bladder movement. The digestive churna has immense benefits in healing various conditions in the stomach intestine as well as in the abdominal tissue and kidneys such as indigestion, gastritis, kidney stones, heartburn and difficulty in urination. The marvelous benefits of this churna will prove to be efficiently provided with the appropriate dosage is taken and it is not consumed in excess.   Get good quality products from the best Ayurvedic digestive churna suppliers in Delhi and enjoy its benefits. Why to use aam Rochak khatta mitha digestive pills? Sat, 24 Jul 2021 10:12:41 +0530 Aam rochak khatta mitha is a mango flavored digestive pill which is quite common in the markets of India. Due to it’s flavor the Aam Rochak khatta mitha is considered to be a treat for the tongue. Some of it’s key ingredients include the finest graded citrus lemon, aam papad , anardana, jeera ,nimbusatva , kali mirch, peepal and more.   This pill can also help in increasing the appetite and boosting the digestive system in humans. In scientific terms these digestive pills are known as digestive enzymes supplements. The digestive enzyme is often considered to be a complex protein made by the human body. It helps in breaking down the food into much smaller molecules. This helps them to get absorbed in the body. Most of the digestive enzymes are made by the human pancreas, some are also made by the small intestine, the stomach and the mouth. Some common examples of digestive enzymes include the following :   • Lipase: The Lipase is an enzyme that is produced by the pancreas mainly for helping out in the digestion of dietary fats. It’s function is breaking down all the complex fats to smaller fatty acids and glycerol.   • Amylase : The amylase is another enzyme or special protein that helps human in the digestion of food. Most of the amylase enzyme is made by the pancreas and the salivary gland. The main function of this enzyme is to break apart all the complex sugars into smaller molecules just like maltose.   • Trypsin: Trypsin is formed in the small intestine of humans. It is produced by the pancreas in an inactive fornication known as trysinogen. It helps to break down proteins, enabling it to be made into amino acids and continue the process of digestion that had began in the stomach. Trypsin is also referred to as the proteolytic enzyme or the proteinase.   • Lactase: The Lactase enzyme is found in the bush border of the small intestine of humans. It is an enzyme which is considered to be responsible for breaking down lactose in the body, which is a type of sugar that is found mostly in milk and milk products .   • Pepsin: The Pepsin is produced by the gastric chief cells of the lining of the stomach. It main function is to digest and break down the proteins like meat, eggs , milk or any other kind of dairy products that are found in the food ingested. Pepsin in it’s inactive form or state is known as pepsinogen.   • Cholecystokinin: This enzyme is secreted by the small intestine and it causes the gall bladder to contact and release bile . Also it helps the pancreas to release digestive enzymes.   There are a number of digestive enzyme supplements just like the aam Rochak khatta mitha. These include one or more than one combinations of different digestive enzymes. The aam Rochak khatta mitha manufacturers offer their product in a hygienic and properly packed state which are available in pack sizes of hundred grams and two hundred grams. The benefits of consuming their product are:   • Helps in the process of healthy digestion • Promotes excellent nutrient absorption • Makes the digestion process of difficult foods easier. • Optimization in the breakdown of proteins , fats or carbohydrates Contribution of Ayurveda in Medicinal Treatment Tue, 10 Aug 2021 14:29:51 +0530 Ayurveda is a means of treatment that is based on historical roots. The practice and theory of Ayurveda are pseudoscientific, it is considered as an alternative to the medical system. Ayurvedic methods and treatments are highly practised in Nepal and India. Ayurvedic therapies have developed and are being practised over more than two millennia. These therapies include special diets, yoga, meditation, laxatives, medical oils and even medicines.   Ayurvedic medicines are generally based on various complex herbal compounds, metal substances and minerals. The mixture of powdered minerals and herbs which are used in ayurvedic medicines are called churna. A classic example of ayurvedic formula made of the powder of three fruits is Triphala. The three fruits are Amalaki, Haritaki and Bibhitaki.   Ayurveda vs Allopathy Ayurveda is highly based on natural science and therefore every Ayurvedic treatments are close to nature. Therefore ayurvedic treatments possess no side effects, unlike some allopathic medicines. Allopathy medicines are mostly opted for curing a health condition, whereas ayurvedic treatments mainly focus on the remedies for optimal health, in other words, Ayurveda follows the idea of prevention is better than cure.   For allopathic treatment, the doctor prescribes a wide variety of tests for diagnosing the problem, whereas the Ayurveda looks for the doshas and imbalances in the body. Therefore Ayurveda is a much cheaper means of treatment than allopathy. Again, after using allopathic medicines continuously for a long time, the efficacy of the drug eventually diminishes. This happens because the bacterial strains resist these drugs. Ayurvedic treatments provide nature based solutions and are therefore more successful since it remedies the root issue.   Digestive Churan Ayurvedic medicine used for treating health condition that mainly concerns the normal functioning of the digestive systems is called digestive churan. This ayurvedic drug helps in neutralising the secretion of acid in the gastrointestinal tract and improves the production of digestive enzymes. Digestive churan has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Digestive churan deals with the pitta dosha and helps to cure heartburn, indigestion, gastritis, ulcer etc.   Appetizer Churan The appetizer churan is taken for treating lack of appetite and improving the digestive system. Appetizer churan is produced using unique combinations of various organic ingredients.   Anardana churan is a digestive item that is taken after meals. Pomegranate of anardana provides a distinctive flavour. They are also combined with several other ingredients for making a refreshing churan. Anardana churan is mostly prepared by roasting the pomegranate seeds along with several other spices like peppercorns, cumin and fennel seeds, and then grinding them into powder. This powder churan is then given a ball shape.   The speciality of anardana churan is it is produced based on Punica Granatum Linn, which is pomegranate seeds, it works as an excellent mouth freshener and effective digestive appetizer. The anardana churan is available in form of powder in the market. Anardana churan suppliers in Delhi faces huge demand, due to the freshness, purity and excellent medicinal properties of this ayurvedic medicine. This product of anardana churan is available in hygienic packaging and at a highly competitive price.   Conclusion There are numerous manufacturers and suppliers of ayurvedic products that offer a wide range of products that include appetiser churan, ayurvedic pachak, appetiser pills and many more. They engage a team of knowledgeable and experienced workforce and sincerely look after the quality of these products for generating maximum client satisfaction. What are the Reasons for Choosing Authentic Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturers? Wed, 01 Dec 2021 10:30:57 +0530 Digestive disorders require natural solutions, and the human body cannot consume chemical properties to improve its digestive disorders. Instead of consuming chemical medicines often, it is better to consume ayurvedic medicine for your digestive disorders to cure them in the long term.  Ayurvedic treatment is the best way to treat digestive problems such as acidity, indigestion, and gas.  Ayurvedic Remedy for Digestive Problems :- Constipation- Haritaki can reduce constipation. Apart from haritaki, isabgole can cure constipation and regulate bowel movement, and nisoth plant leaves can cure constipation perfectly. But it is essential to avoid fried foods, red meat, processed foods, and dairy products to reduce constipation problems. Acidity- Yastimadhu is an antacid in Ayurveda that reduces the tendency of acidity, and Amla is a popular ayurvedic remedy for acidity. Clove can be another unique remedy for acidity, and it can cure acidity problems in your body. But one should avoid oily and spicy foods, and Fibre-rich foods can cure the acidity tendency of your body. Ayurvedic Digessstive Tablet :- Amrit harad tablet combines amchoor, black salt, meetha soda, lal mirch, Jawa harda, ajwain, kali mirch, nusadar, and sukha amla. This tablet can cure several indigestion problems and remove constipation.  People who have a gas-related problem can consume this ayurvedic tablet. An adult may take 2 to 4 amrit harad tablets in a day, and children may consume half dosage of an adult.  If you are suffering from constipation, gas, stomach, and acidity, you can take amrit harad tablets. It is an old remedy for constipation-related problems, and all the ingredients of this tablet are organic and chemical-free.  Thus it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals that damage your health. Manufacturers authentically pack this tablet to ensure better quality and flavour. The sweet mint taste of this tablet can refresh your mouth.  The Uniqueness of Amrit Hard Tablet :- Amrit harad tablet contains useful ingredients that are a rich source of anti-oxidant. The presence of a high amount of anti-oxidants can protect your health from several digestive problems.  The presence of vitamin C can build your immunity system. Amla is the unique source of vitamin C, and antioxidant is one of the unique ingredients of this tablet that can protect your damaged tissue. Amla can improve skin texture. Kali Mirch can strengthen your heart and digestive system. This tablet is available in the market in various flavours and forms. Sweet, salted, and sour are the unique flavours of this tablet. You can consume this tablet after every meal, and it has refreshing mouth elements that can improve the digestive system. Manufacturers use the right amount of herbs and spices in this tablet, and it is essential to place this tablet in a dry place to maintain its freshness.  Process of Choosing Ayurvedic Digestive Tablet Manufacturers :- When you decide to buy ayurvedic medicine for your digestive system, you should consider the following factors for the Amrit harad tablets manufacturers in Delhi -Whether the manufacturers have a licence to prepare ayurvedic medicine, it is essential to get genuine ayurvedic tablets. -You should understand your requirement first before selecting ayurvedic medicines. -Authentic ayurvedic tablet manufacturers have an online presence where you can get detailed information about the manufacturers you can buy an ayurvedic tablet, -Authentic ayurvedic tablet manufacturers always use organic and genuine ingredients while making the ayurvedic tablet. -An ayurvedic tablet is not so expensive; thus, you can verify the price of the ayurvedic tablet with other suppliers before buying. From the above information, one can understand the usefulness of choosing the right ayurvedic tablet manufacturer who provides the best quality ayurvedic tablet. Karorpati Goli – A perfect Digestion Pills Sat, 29 Jan 2022 10:38:14 +0530 Karorpati Goli is available in different quantities of packaging and the right source of proper digestion. You can place your order online and get quick delivery.  Vaidya Nandram Gigraj Chamria (Chamria) is one of the renowned Ayurvedic business corporations in India. We are well-recognized producers of Ayurvedic and Pansarat pills with a diverse range of more than 30 digestive and tasty products. The Chamria Group enhances robust manufacturing services in five more 5 major cities in India with a distribution network encompassing the entire of India and Abroad. You can look for a 2-piece combo pack of KARORPATI GOLI. It is also known as anardana goli. The product combination of the Anardana (bedana seeds) and Gulkand (prepared from rose petals). The rich Indian spices provide it with a special mouth-watering taste. It is perfect for its efficiency in the right digestion. A popular "Laajawab" product is a definitive in the pachak sector simply from the home of CHAMRIA. It is a special and unique combination of good health and taste.  How to Store? If you are using the Karorpati Goli for the first time, you should make sure about the storage instruction. You should store it in a dry, cool, and  hygienic place. It is completely a vegetation product and perfect for the adult to digest the food as per the requirements. They are simple to create and can be easily stored for about 6 months when stored in a cool dry place, in a sealed container.  Different packaging available  When it comes to buying options, you can choose different packaging solutions. It is available in packaging options of 50gm, 100gm, and 200gms. According to your consuming ability, you can place an order. These candies are recognized to support aid digestion. It also makes sure for good after-meal mouth fresheners. These candies are confirmed to take you downwards the memory lane. Everybody should be having some memories of having this churan golis during youth. These Golis are quite addictive that nobody can stop with simply the one.  Is Karorpati goli is suitable for health? There are several benefits associated with the goli different from sugary candies or gummies in the west which are now sugar lollies with groceries colors. • It is even loaded with Potassium, vitamin C, and fiber. • It has special tangy flavors due to conventional spices, therefore assisting in changing the taste during illness. • It promises great relief during seasickness and motion sickness.  Can I eat goli in pregnancy? Some ladies eat goli during pregnancy. Meanwhile, one should consult with a doctor previous to usage. Moreover, you should eat after the first trimester. Pomegranate seeds assist you more in the 3rd trimester and some people consider it aids simple delivery. Hence, always discuss with your doctor before practice. Place your order online If you are interested in buying the product, karorpati Goli Suppliers in Delhi are accepting orders online. All you need to visit the page and place an order of your requirements. Within the quickest time possible and agreed delivery date, you get the product delivered to you within the quick time possible.  Conclusion  The usage of the pachak anardana goli avoids constipation and gastric suffering. The wonderful churan Goli endorses good bowel movement and avoids the loss of nutrition. Top Advantages of Munakka Pachak for Better Digestion Fri, 29 Apr 2022 11:39:05 +0530 There is merely anyone who doesn’t know the beneficial qualities of Munakka Pachak that promotes better digestion. Munakka also known as black grape raisins is a special type of raisin that is made from high-quality black raisins. Black grapes are a fruit that contains high nutritional and medicinal values.    The entire fruit is beneficial because the seeds, skins and leaves are used to produce different elements. Munakka Pachak is definitely one of them. Munakka Pachak is a kind of digestive non-medicinal food element that is used extensively in almost every Indian household for better digestion.   Munakka is made with raw black grapes after washing and drying them in strong sunlight. After making proper Munakka, they go through different processes and come to the final result of Munakka Pachak. Apart from enhancing the digestive system, Munakka has other major advantages that can be unknown to you. Hence, in this article, we would attach some other profitable features of Munakka.   Make Digestion Better The first benefit of Munakka or black grape raisins is they help the digestion process more effective. Munakka contains dietary fibre which helps soak natural fluids in the body. This expands volume to the food going down the intestinal tract ensuing in normal bowel movements and relaxation from constipation.   The fibres also eliminate unhealthy toxins from the body. Munakka might also help promote colon function. Munakka also lessens the chance of colorectal cancer.   Treats Anaemia The next big benefit of Munakka is none other than its ability to fight anaemia. Since Munakka or black grapes havehigh iron content, it could help in fighting anaemia.Munakka also includes vitamin B complex which is necessary for eliciting red blood cells.   Effective for Bone Health Calcium is the fundamental element of strong bones and is present highly in Munakka. Regular consumption of Munakka can make your bones stronger and healthier. Boron is another component that is crucial for proper bone construction and effective calcium absorption.  Munakka contains boron also and therefore, is highly proven in deterring osteoporosis due to menopause in women.Munakka also comprises potassium which improves bone growth and diminishes the danger of osteoporosis.   Make Your Teeth Strong As we started earlier Munakka is a great source of calcium which might consolidate and improves tooth enamel. Therefore, chewing Munakka regularly can make your teeth stronger and healthier. They also can curtail dental decay. This is due to certain elements present in munakka that help impede oral deterioration. The anti-oxidant nature of munakka can eliminate bacteria that are mainly accountable for dental scars and cavities. Munakka also incorporates antibacterial qualities that may stop numerous dental issues. Hence, take Munakka from any reputed Munakka Pachak supplier in Delhi to have strong and healthy teeth.   Make Your Skin Soft Who doesn’t like to have soft and smooth skin? Probably no one. Munakka includes vitamin C and antioxidants that are highly beneficial in retaining radiant and youthful skin. It also includes antioxidant properties that can prevent numerous bacterial infections, psoriasis and acne. Regular consumption of Munakka can rejuvenate your skin and make it soft, smooth and radiant.   Provide Effective Hair Growth Apart from bringing a glow to your skin, Munakka can generate notable hair growth and make your hair lustrous and strong. Munakka is full of Vitamin C and hence make hair growth more visible. Munakka also has anti-inflammatory qualities that can fight dandruff and scalp irritation.  If you are worried about the thinning of your hair, regular usage of Munakka can make you help to take a sigh of relief since it can promote hair growth and make the scalp free from any rashes.    These are the extensive benefits of Munakka or black grapes apart from better digestion. If you like this article and find it compelling, don’t forget it to mention to us.