Contribution Of Ayurveda In Medicinal Treatment

Posted by Admin on August, 10, 2021

Ayurveda is a means of treatment that is based on historical roots. The practice and theory of Ayurveda are pseudoscientific, it is considered as an alternative to the medical system. Ayurvedic methods and treatments are highly practised in Nepal and India. Ayurvedic therapies have developed and are being practised over more than two millennia. These therapies include special diets, yoga, meditation, laxatives, medical oils and even medicines.

Ayurvedic medicines are generally based on various complex herbal compounds, metal substances and minerals. The mixture of powdered minerals and herbs which are used in ayurvedic medicines are called churna. A classic example of ayurvedic formula made of the powder of three fruits is Triphala. The three fruits are Amalaki, Haritaki and Bibhitaki.

Ayurveda vs Allopathy

Ayurveda is highly based on natural science and therefore every Ayurvedic treatments are close to nature. Therefore ayurvedic treatments possess no side effects, unlike some allopathic medicines. Allopathy medicines are mostly opted for curing a health condition, whereas ayurvedic treatments mainly focus on the remedies for optimal health, in other words, Ayurveda follows the idea of prevention is better than cure.

For allopathic treatment, the doctor prescribes a wide variety of tests for diagnosing the problem, whereas the Ayurveda looks for the doshas and imbalances in the body. Therefore Ayurveda is a much cheaper means of treatment than allopathy.

Again, after using allopathic medicines continuously for a long time, the efficacy of the drug eventually diminishes. This happens because the bacterial strains resist these drugs. Ayurvedic treatments provide nature based solutions and are therefore more successful since it remedies the root issue.

Digestive Churan

Ayurvedic medicine used for treating health condition that mainly concerns the normal functioning of the digestive systems is called digestive churan. This ayurvedic drug helps in neutralising the secretion of acid in the gastrointestinal tract and improves the production of digestive enzymes. Digestive churan has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Digestive churan deals with the pitta dosha and helps to cure heartburn, indigestion, gastritis, ulcer etc.

Appetizer Churan

The appetizer churan is taken for treating lack of appetite and improving the digestive system. Appetizer churan is produced using unique combinations of various organic ingredients.

Anardana churan is a digestive item that is taken after meals. Pomegranate of anardana provides a distinctive flavour. They are also combined with several other ingredients for making a refreshing churan. Anardana churan is mostly prepared by roasting the pomegranate seeds along with several other spices like peppercorns, cumin and fennel seeds, and then grinding them into powder. This powder churan is then given a ball shape.

The speciality of anardana churan is it is produced based on Punica Granatum Linn, which is pomegranate seeds, it works as an excellent mouth freshener and effective digestive appetizer. The anardana churan is available in form of powder in the market.

Anardana churan suppliers in Delhi faces huge demand, due to the freshness, purity and excellent medicinal properties of this ayurvedic medicine. This product of anardana churan is available in hygienic packaging and at a highly competitive price.


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