Why To Use Aam Rochak Khatta Mitha Digestive Pills?

Posted by Admin on July, 24, 2021

Aam rochak khatta mitha is a mango flavored digestive pill which is quite common in the markets of India. Due to it’s flavor the Aam Rochak khatta mitha is considered to be a treat for the tongue. Some of it’s key ingredients include the finest graded citrus lemon, aam papad , anardana, jeera ,nimbusatva , kali mirch, peepal and more.

This pill can also help in increasing the appetite and boosting the digestive system in humans. In scientific terms these digestive pills are known as digestive enzymes supplements. The digestive enzyme is often considered to be a complex protein made by the human body. It helps in breaking down the food into much smaller molecules. This helps them to get absorbed in the body. Most of the digestive enzymes are made by the human pancreas, some are also made by the small intestine, the stomach and the mouth. Some common examples of digestive enzymes include the following :

Lipase: The Lipase is an enzyme that is produced by the pancreas mainly for helping out in the digestion of dietary fats. It’s function is breaking down all the complex fats to smaller fatty acids and glycerol.

Amylase : The amylase is another enzyme or special protein that helps human in the digestion of food. Most of the amylase enzyme is made by the pancreas and the salivary gland. The main function of this enzyme is to break apart all the complex sugars into smaller molecules just like maltose.

Trypsin: Trypsin is formed in the small intestine of humans. It is produced by the pancreas in an inactive fornication known as trysinogen. It helps to break down proteins, enabling it to be made into amino acids and continue the process of digestion that had began in the stomach. Trypsin is also referred to as the proteolytic enzyme or the proteinase.

Lactase: The Lactase enzyme is found in the bush border of the small intestine of humans. It is an enzyme which is considered to be responsible for breaking down lactose in the body, which is a type of sugar that is found mostly in milk and milk products .

Pepsin: The Pepsin is produced by the gastric chief cells of the lining of the stomach. It main function is to digest and break down the proteins like meat, eggs , milk or any other kind of dairy products that are found in the food ingested. Pepsin in it’s inactive form or state is known as pepsinogen.

Cholecystokinin: This enzyme is secreted by the small intestine and it causes the gall bladder to contact and release bile . Also it helps the pancreas to release digestive enzymes.

There are a number of digestive enzyme supplements just like the aam Rochak khatta mitha. These include one or more than one combinations of different digestive enzymes. The aam Rochak khatta mitha manufacturers offer their product in a hygienic and properly packed state which are available in pack sizes of hundred grams and two hundred grams. The benefits of consuming their product are:

• Helps in the process of healthy digestion

• Promotes excellent nutrient absorption

• Makes the digestion process of difficult foods easier.

• Optimization in the breakdown of proteins , fats or carbohydrates

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